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Land Area:

1.8 Acres


2B+G+8 Floors

Total Saleable Area:

2,67,273 sq.ft.

Total Car Parks:


Land Area:

1.8 Acres


2B+G+8 Floors

Total Car Parks:


Total Saleable Area:

2,67,273 sq.ft.



Kempapura Metro/ Bus Stop

0.0 Kms

1 Mins

Hebbal Metro

1.1 Kms

3 Mins

Nagawara Metro

2.8 Kms

5 Mins


Kirloskar Tech Park

1.9 Kms

4 Mins

Manyata Tech Park

5.5 Kms

13 Mins

Karle Town Center

4.0 Kms

9 Mins

L & T Tech Park

5.8 Kms

14 Mins

Phoenix Mall of Asia

5.5 Kms

13 Mins



Residential Inventory

Upcoming Supply

H1 2022


40,000 units

25,000 units


Office Stock

Upcoming Supply

H1 2022


18.6 MSF

3.3 MSF


Mail Inventory

Upcoming Supply

H1 2022


1.74 MSF

1.2 MSF



PER 500 SQ.FT.


Untill OC (Occupancy Certificate):

Rs. 88 *
Rs. 44,000


Post OC for 3 years:

Rs. 72 * *
Rs. 36,000
* Only to purchasers opting for upfront payment.
** Post OC 6 month fit out period is rent free for tenants as per standard market practice.




What is the Undivided Share of Land (UDS) Percentage ?

UDS for the area is 26.517% on SBUA(Super Built Up Area). Calculations are provided below:

Floor Total Area UDS UDS%
4th 9,630.71 sq. ft. 2,553.833 sq. ft. 26.517%
5th 30,265.73 sq. ft. 8,025.746 sq. ft. 26.517%
6th 30,265.73 sq. ft. 8,025.746 sq. ft. 26.517%
7th 30,265.73 sq. ft. 8,025.746 sq. ft. 26.517%

What all floors and respective areas are sold through this offering ?

Currently we are selling Shriram properties share of area on 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floor. Each floor allocation is as follows:

Floor Total Area Shriram Properties Share
4th 30,265.73 sq. ft. 9,630.71 sq. ft.
5th 30,265.73 sq. ft. 30,265.73 sq. ft.
6th 30,265.73 sq. ft. 30,265.73 sq. ft.
7th 30,265.73 sq. ft. 30,265.73 sq. ft.

Is the rental guaranteed even if space is vacant without tenants ?

Yes, Shriprop Builders Pvt. Ltd. has signed a LOI / will sign an agreement to lease for 3 years for a monthly rent of Rs. 72 per sq. ft. after Occupancy Certificate (OC) and a 6 months fit-out period for a 3 year period.

Is the land owned or Joint Development (JD) ?

This is a Joint development with landowners.

Can the investment be transferred to any family member during the tenure?

There is 3% charge on any sale or transfer.

Why are you paying Rs. 88 PSF now and reducing to Rs. 72 PSF post OC.

Rs. 88 PSF is the early payment payout for purchasers opting for upfront payment of total sale price, In addition, finished asset is more valuable and less risky than under-construction and hence rentals will be Rs. 72 PSF.

When market rental is Rs. 97 PSF, why are you paying Rs. 72 PSF after Occupancy Certificate (OC)?

Sriprop Builders Pvt. Ltd. is entering into an agreement to lease for 3 years irrespective of whether the Commercial Building is leased or not and hence we have been conservation in our rental payments.

What is the Maintenance post Occupancy Certificate?

For first 3.5 years after OC there is no Maintenance Cost as Shriram Properties is guaranteeing Rental and Maintenance. Post 5.5 years or so from now, Maintenance is typically paid by the tenant. So, we don’t expect investors to pay maintenance. That said, if property is not leased after 5.5 years then maintenance could be Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 PSF per month but subject to change as per market conditions.

Can I sell or exit anytime?

Once you have paid full 100% you can exit anytime at then prevailing market price. There is 3% transfer fee on Sale Value.

Type of ownership?

This is a Agreement of Sale leading to Sale Deed post OC. So you will have sale deed and katha in your name – you will be absolute owner of our area. Please note this purchase is for Un-demarcated and un-divided share (UDS) of land wherein you can enjoy rental benefits of a Grade A commercial property without hassle of maintenance and finding blue chip tenants.


Centralised air conditioning

Dedicated AHU rooms provisioned in all floors

High-side AC provisioned for 1TR/300 Sq.ft.

Space provisioned for clients to install DX units for their critical services

Structural design & ambience

Wide Column Design with service core on one side allows optimal utilization of space

P.T. Flat Slab with drop designed as per IS:1893:2016 and IS:13920:2017

Slab to Slab Height 3.95 m

High Quality glass façade gives excellent permanent finish and keeps the building’s interiors cool

Structure is designed as below: Basement slabs are designed for stack parking load of 500 Kg/Sq.m.

Typical office floor is designed for 400 Kg/Sq.m. with false ceiling loading

Specific areas in the floor designed for higher floor load of 1000 Kg/Sq.m.

All AHU & Electrical room at typical office floor is designed for 400 Kg/Sq.m.

IPS flooring within office Space

Higher floor to ceiling height provided for accommodating stack parking.

Telecom connectivity

Right of way provided for service providers

Lobby finishes

Lift Cladding Combination of Granite and Marble

Lift Lobby Flooring Granite or Marble Flooring


High Speed elevators are provided

5 Passenger elevators of 15 Pax each

2 service elevators of 20 Pax each


Transformer – 1250 kVA x 2 nos

100% power backup for office as well as common areas & car parking

DG – 1500 kVA x 2 nos - Higher power load (0.8 kVA /100 Sq.ft.on super built-up area) is provisioned for computers, communication equipment, AHU etc.

Water & sewage treatment plant

Water Supply from Borewell & Tank Water

Separate underground Sump, Over Head tanks are provided for Domestic as well as fire Safety needs

Advanced 105 KLD MBR based Sewage treatment plant is provisioned

Water Treatment Plant is Provisioned

Safety & security systems

Designed as per NBC Norms

Base building smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and hose reels in common areas are provisioned


Name is required

Email is required and should be valid

Phone is required and should be of 10 digit

I hereby declare that I have read the consent. and I appoint and allow FINCITY to access my credit information from Credit Information Companies in order to understand my credit worthiness and thereinafter provide personalised values which would help them generate the Credit Information Report, Credit Score and Credit Analysis. I/We hereby authorize FINCITY & its affiliates including banking partners to call or SMS and/or WhatsApp with reference to my application or in relation to any of FINCITY products, notwithstanding anything to the contrary that may be contained anywhere, including any registration for DNC/ NDNC.

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